Sunday, September 20, 2009


For obvious reasons Monopoly City Streets did not allow players any options with which they can communicate with each other. I myself can think of several misuses if communication by any means was possible and I am damn sure you people can too. But there are several occasions where little communication is needed so in this blog i have written some slangs which can be used to pass those bits.

Now for example you want to buy a street from someone else then you can categorize your offer in the following three ways.

  1. Like to have - L2H -724 ---(means "I like this street but I cannot pay more than this)
  2. Intend to have - I2H - 124 ---(means "I intend to have this street and can pay more please consider     negotiation")
  3. Anything to have - A2H - 424 ---(means "I can give anything to have this street so feel free to ask your rate")
Now I will show you how to put these slangs in offers:-

  1. Make a offer on the desired street.
  2. Now on the put your slang in the section showed below.(Remember :- The last three digits should always be less than 500 or it will round it off.
  3. Now hope that the receiver knows about the slang.

There are many words which can be written using numbers but to use these words in the game you have to be very very creative.

  1. HELLO -- 01134(upside down)
  2. LESS -- 5537(upside down)
  3. SELL -- 7735(upside down)
  4. BOSS -- 5508(upside down)
  5. SOB -- 805(upside down)
  6. LOSS -- 5507(upside down)
  7. LOSE -- 3507(upside down)
  8. go2hell -- 1134206(upside down)  -- would love to use this one
  9. SOS -- 505
If you have any new slangs or suggestions please comment

DISCLAIMER – Please be advised that the writer of this blog is not in any way related to the Hasbro game Monopoly City Streets.